AI-Driven Decline Salvage from FlexPay

Driving traffic to your store is priority # 1 for any online seller. Priority # 2, should be how can you ensure you capture as much of that traffic revenue as possible.

Recovering this revenue improves profitability of your paid traffic (LTV:CAC), and additionally stabilizes the LTV of your acquired customer by keeping them engaged with your brand for months to come.

How does FlexPay do it? — Leverages statistically strong machine learning to understand: — Best time—when to send the transaction — Transit—which processing account to use — Testing process—to handle your transactions.

With the capacity to manage hundreds of millions of transactions every month to collect and analyze information gained from every new transaction, FlexPay is one of the best tools on the market.

There are a number of reasons why you lose a sale—don’t let declined transactions be one of them.

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